Wednesday, April 4, 2012

A Little Big Brother For Wendy? Maybe In A Few Years.

I love my little girl. And I adore being a mother. That brings me to question whether I want another child. I know Zed doesn't want to risk having another sick child (not because we would love it less, but we know how taxing it is to sit in a hospital for that long with a baby and we don't want to take away from Wendy).

So that brings me to think about PGD, Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis. It's where you use IVF and test the embryo before it is implanted. In the US it's even legal to look at the sex and only implant the male or female, whichever you prefer. I would love to eventually have a son, that is, if Zed and I are financially able to give 2 children everything they need and as long as Wendy is fairly healthy. If Wendy has many extra needs I will devote my entire being to giving her the care she needs.

I don't even know if Zed would be okay with this. I don't know that he would even want another child. But it's definitely something for us to consider in our future. I'm only 22 and Zed 26. We have plenty of time to see how Wendy progresses and decide if adding to our family is right for us. I am excited about our future. Whether we have more children or not, I am blessed with a wonderful little family. Zed and I are so lucky to have Wendy in our lives and if she ends up being our only little blessing, I'm totally fine with that, but if we decide to expand our family and give our sweet girl a brother or sister, I think that would be wonderful too. But what's so amazing is, we have options and we don't have to make a decision any time soon.

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