Monday, April 23, 2012

Sick Moms

I've been meaning to write to tell all about the March of Dimes event, but I have been so sick. I'm pretty sure it's my allergies or sinuses. My throat is sore and scratchy, my nose is stuffy, and I have been coughing. Whatever it is, I hope it's not contagious!

I raised $1,220 for the March of Dimes walk in Nashville! That was a huge accomplishment! Several of the girls from the team met yesterday morning in Clarksville so we could all park together. Since I had been by Centennial Park so much (it is right across the street from the Holiday Inn we lived at for 4 weeks) we led the convoy. After getting to the park we all registered and walked around to visit all the tents. Since I raised over $1,000 I was considered a Top Walker and had VIP status. I got a tote bag, a t-shirt, a hat, a pin, and a few more small things. We visited tents for Centennial Women's Hospital (and got shirts there) and Vanderbilt Children's Hospital (momma bought Winnie a pink sock monkey there). There was one tent that I signed a flower from Wendy in honor of all the preemie babies for a memorial garden and I signed the Wall of Wishes. We had lunch and took a team photo, then we left. Yes, we left.

Wendy was starting to break out on her forehead and I'm still not sure what it was from, but she was fussing and the wind was blowing (which is probably why I am sick) so I took her home. It was a good experience and I am looking forward to the walk in Lavonia. I started my own team, Walking for Wendy Lee McLanahan. My team goal is to raise $2,500. I'm pretty sure we can do it!

Well, I would love to keep blogging tonight, but I need to get some sleep. Wendy has her 6 month shots tomorrow and I still have things to pack. 5 days until I'm back in Georgia.

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