Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Perfectly Imperfect

My life is a jumbled up mess if I ever did see one. I am moving in 4 days. My house is not packed. Wendy has therapy tomorrow. And I am so sick that I cannot sleep. Oh, and since I was so sick we missed Wendy's doctor appointment for her 6 month shots and I have yet to find a pediatrician in Georgia (but hopefully Dr. Aldridge will accept Wendy as a patient; I am calling her again tomorrow).

Today has been long and tough. My mommy left morning. I laid in the bed most of the day. The only thing I got up for was to take care of Wendy. Oh, and I got up to move to the couch and pee a few times. Finally at 5 I drug myself off the couch to cook supper. After eating I put Wendy to bed and Zed went to bed not long after. The one good thing about today? I got an iPad, which I am blogging on right now!

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