Wednesday, April 25, 2012

One Day Closer

I am now 3 days away from moving home, but I'm still not completely packed.

Wendy had her last occupational therapy session with Ms. Brenda today. It was bittersweet. I am excited about moving home, but not so happy about leaving all the wonderful people who have been such a huge part of Wendy's journey. I felt the same way when Wendy was discharged from her home health nurse.

Unfortunately, I am still sick. I did take some time and went to get my nails done. They're cute and white! I knew I probably wouldn't have another chance to get my mani and pedi so I went today. I'm so attached to the place I get my nails done that I'm really going to miss it. I've had my nails done in Elberton and it is nowhere near the same quality. Guess I will have to be on the lookout for a new nail salon.

Some good news is I'm pretty sure I've found Winnie a pediatrician! I will post more when I know for certain. Well, I suppose I should try to get some sleep while Wendy is sleeping.

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