Thursday, April 5, 2012

Sick Little Family

Wendy started vomiting last night. She spit up after every single feed. It was projectile, out-of-her-nose vomit. And every time it happened she was gasping for breath, so I would have to suction her nose, which just upset her, which made her cry more, which would make her vomit again. I literally got 2 hours of sleep last night. Those 2 hours I catnapped with Wendy laying on my chest.

Finally at 5 am, I just stopped her feeds. At 8, I called the doctor and they said they could see her at 9:15. I took her in and they looked her over and said she looked and sounded fine (her ears, eyes, nose, and chest) and she didn't seem lethargic. She was kicking around and acting pretty normal. They of course wanted to check her blood and since she has kidney reflux they wanted to check her urine. The heel prick wasn't so terrible. Having to hold her while the nurse inserted the catheter was. Wendy is so tiny so she had a hard time getting it in, especially since Wendy was moving so much. I had to hold her so tightly I was afraid I was hurting her. She was screaming and I know from experience that having a catheter put in can be pretty freaking painful.

After it was all said and done my little hiccup quit crying and went right to sleep Everything came back negative and the doctor determined it was just an intestinal virus, which he says he's seen a lot of recently. I was told to give her Pedialyte for a few feeds and if she held that down okay I could switch her back to formula. So far she's still only had Pedialyte, but I'm planning on trying to give her formula the next time she is fed.

Luckily, Wendy doesn't seem to be feeling as bad as she was last night. Bad news, Zed is even worse than Wendy was last night. He's been vomiting, has a headache, had a nosebleed, and it's scared me to death. Zed is hardly ever sick, so when he is, it's very worrisome. He says he's fine, but seriously, if he's still sick in the morning I'm not going to Georgia unless he sees a doctor. I will make him go to the ER before we leave. I wanted to take him tonight, but he said no because I need to stay here and take care of Wendy and he's right, she doesn't need to be around a ton of really sick people. I just have an awful feeling that I'm going to be next with the stomach bug.

More bad news came from my doctor. She got the results of some bloodwork I had done. My blood glucose level was high, but not high enough to be diagnosed as diabetic. (That was the good news.) The bad news is my ANA titer came back positive, 1:160. Which means it's likely I have an autoimmune disorder and not fibromyalgia. So I have to go back to a rheumatologist. Honestly, I don't have time for this crap. I've got a kid that needs me to take care of her, so for once, I just need to be healthy!

So prayers would be greatly appreciated for my sick little family.

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