Thursday, April 19, 2012

One Amazing Day

Today was pretty darn great, even though Wendy had to have an EEG. We started our day by getting up and getting ready to head to the hospital. We were a few minutes early to Wendy's appointment and Zed wanted ice-cream so he got Ben & Jerry's (which is in the food court at the hospital). I ran to the bathroom while he and Wendy ordered his usual strawberry on a sugar cone. When I got back he gave me these adorable ice-cream cone earrings. He said they were to symbolize our time spent at the hospital because Zed got Ben & Jerry's pretty much every day.

Then we got on the elevators in the doctor's office tower and headed to the 9th floor, to neurology. The lady at the desk checking her in went on and on about how beautiful and sweet Wendy was. She said Wendy had stolen her heart. While we were in the waiting room Zed read Wendy a book about a goose named Posy. Then an adorable blonde girl, who was probably around my age, named Carrie, came out to get us. She was super sweet and a wonderful EEG technician. Miss Carrie was quick to put on the probes and she was really nice to Wendy. She even made a little bow out of gauze to stick on her head. She said Wendy was one of the prettiest babies she had ever seen and she said she has seen her share of babies. She even went to get another nurse to come look at Wendy because she was so cute.

We didn't get any results but Carrie we could call soon and as about them since we weren't seeing a neurologist today and since we are moving soon. I'm pretty sure it came back normal though by the way Carrie was talking. Which means it's most likely not infantile spasms, which means it's not going to need immediate attention, if any attention is needed at all. So I am going to set up an appointment with a neurologist in Georgia, just to have a second opinion and follow up.

On the way out the hospital we stopped at the Friend's Shop and bought Wendy a stuffed owl and a monkey rattle. This was her last trip to Vanderbilt so we wanted to get something for her. And besides, she deserved a gift because she did so well during her EEG.

On the way out of Nashville, Zed and I stopped at PF Chang's to eat. It was cute. We had a little family date. Zed even held my hand during dinner. Then we came home and my mom and Kim were already here. We hung out with them a while and now everyone is in bed (except me). I just finished making out thank you cards for everyone who donated to March of Dimes and I'm finishing up Wendy's poster for her party.

Today has been great. The only thing that could make it better would be for someone to donate $45 to March of Dimes so I could reach my $600 goal. I only have TWO DAYS left until the walk! Well I better go. This mommy has a few more things to do tonight!

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