Saturday, April 28, 2012

Little Lady Is Back In Georgia

After a long week of being sick, packing, and having many appointments, Wendy and I are back in Georgia. We are not in our house yet (we are staying with my momand dad for the time being because Zed still has a few days of work and won't be home until next week). I am so glad to be back, but ready to be in my own home already. And I miss Zed. Call me crazy, but even as aggravating as he is, I miss him, and I'm sure Wendy does too.

Fortunately, the rude here wasn't that bad today. We didn't hit any major traffic and Wendy behaved for the most part. She only cried when we hit Athens and then soon after she started fussing she spit up and went back to sleep. About two hours into our ride (it was me, momma, and Wendy) we stopped and at Cracker Brarrel. No joke, at least five people stopped me to tell me how beautiful my child was. And at the time she wasn't hooked up to her feeding pump so I'm pretty sure it wasn't out of pity.

I also wanted to mention that this blog has had almost 14,500 views! Amazing. Wendy has the most amazing family, friends, and supporters in the world! I truly appreciate each and every one of you!

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