Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Laately, Just Lately.

Zed and I have been hanging around with other couples who have small children recently. And lately I've been noticing major differences between them and Wendy. Not only her tiny stature, but also her nose, the shape of her head, her feet, and those are just to name a few. She's getting to the age where I'm really wondering if she's going to be "normal" or if she's going to have major health and developmental problems her entire life.

Mainly, I've been wondering about her developmental status. Doctors have pretty much given us an idea about what her physical problems will be when she's older, but no one can tell us about developmental. I know it won't really make a difference either way because I love that child more than the world, but it's still hard not to wonder and question.

So far, other than not taking a bottle, Wendy seems pretty average for her adjusted age, which is 3 and half months old. Honestly, I feel like she is probably above average in some aspects. As she grows older though I am seeing certain features stand out and I think she is the most beautiful baby on the planet (no offense to you other mothers) but I can't help but wonder if she'll be picked on because she looks a little different.

I'm sure a lot of these concerns go through many mother's minds. But for Wendy, I feel that I have legitimate worries. I would hate to have to hurt a 5 year old because he or she picked on my child. And honestly, it really bothers me when people use the word retarded. I didn't ever really notice it until I had a child that could possibly have some formal of mental retardation and now it really pisses me off. They have the "think before you speak" commercial about how it's "not cool" to say gay. Well how about think before you speak, because it's not cool to say retarded. I guarantee you, sometime saying retarded can hurt people a lot more than saying gay. Just my opinion.

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