Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Mommy Is Here

Yes, I may be 22, but I still love my parents and get super excited when I get to see them. My mommy just arrived this afternoon for a weekend visit! I will be so happy when we move home and my parents can be a bigger part of Wendy's life, and that goes for Zed's family as well. I hate being so far away and Wendy changing so much and them missing it.

Tomorrow Wendy has an appointment with her surgeon, which my mom and I will be taking her to. Then me and momma are going on a "date" while Zed watches Wendy. We are going to see The Hunger Games, even though we have both already seen it once. Saturday, I believe me, Zed, mom, and Wendy are going to the zoo! Zed also mentioned something about a BBQ Saturday afternoon at a friend's house, and then Sunday my mom will be going home.

Busy weekend. After this weekend, there will only be four more weekends until we move home. Wow, can the last week of April hurry up and get here already?

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