Saturday, March 31, 2012

Wendy's First Trip To The Zoo

Okay, so my kid is 6 months old and we took her to the zoo. I knew when we took her she wouldn't understand, but it was a change to get her outside and let her see something other than the walls of our house. She didn't really understand or enjoy the animals, but she loved looking at the people. Wendy was constantly turning her head to look around at everyone. And I had about a million (or ten) people come up to tell me how beautiful my baby was. As a mother, that always makes you smile.

On the downside, tomorrow is Sunday which means my mom is going home. I know Wendy is too young to realize that Mimi has to leave, but I'm not and I hate to see my mother go.

On a positive note, Zed put in our 30 day notice, which means I will be out of this house and back in Georgia before April 30. That also means Zed will have to stay with friends here until May 3. Sometimes the Army is stupid, like when a soldier is getting out and literally goes into work from 5:30 to 6 and then sits at home the rest of the day, however we can't move home until May.

Oh! I also got Wendy a jogging stroller! It's a Jeep Liberty Limited Urban Terrain. You can sit her carseat in it. The tires are slack, so we're going to have to get them pumped up, but hopefully I can do that tomorrow which means I can begin the Couch to 5K workout. Mommy wants to lose some serious weight!

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