Friday, March 23, 2012

Seriously Debating

I have been seriously considering what I want to go to school for. I really want to go to college online that way I don't have to be away from Wendy, and then once she starts school I would start work. I'm just trying to decide if nursing is what I truly want to do. Honestly, I would really only like to work with pregnant women, babies, or special needs children. So I'm still deciding. College is still a definite for me, but I need to be sure of the career path I choice.

I'm even considering getting a Bachelor's in Early Childhood Education so I could work with and teach special needs children. This I could do completely online.

It's just frustrating because I have so many options! I had considered Psychology and Nursing and now Early Childhood Education. I know with all of these fields I could work with the type of people that I want, however, I just need to figure out which one fits into my life and Wendy's and Zed's the best. I hope I can figure it out soon! I really want to get the ball rolling!

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