Saturday, March 10, 2012

Nice Saturday

Well, here I am, listening to a video about small animal nursing and getting ready to turn in a test. It's 10:00pm and surprisingly I'm not asleep yet. It's been a long day, but a fun and fulfilling day. I started the day off much like any Saturday. Zed got up at 5:00am to watch Wendy and I went back to sleep. Zed then went to shoot guns with his buddy, Mike. While he was gone, Mike's wife text me to see if we all wanted to go to the park when the guys got back. So Zed and I packed up Wendy, Pandora, and Ares to go to the park. We left Peanut home because he isn't a very sociable dog. At the park we met up with the Wahl's and the Hopper's. We all let our dogs off the leash and let them play. After a while we decided to go home because the wind was blowing and getting worse and none of us wanted our babies out in it. We weren't ready to end our day though so we all decided to have dinner at my house. The guys cleaned their guns and watched the kids while us girls cooked dinner. I fried chicken and made homemade biscuits. Ashley cooked macaroni and she brought dessert. And Julia made homemade mashed potatoes. It was nice to sit in the living room floor and have dinner with friends. It's been difficult since Wendy was born since we stayed in Nashville for 10 weeks and then once she came home, she was home bound. Also, we were nervous about people coming over because we were scared any little thing would get her sick. It's nice that she's able to go places now. Julia and Mike will be leaving soon to move to South Carolina, so Zed and I will definitely miss them. We will be moving not long after them, but luckily their new home is only a few hours from our house in Georgia, so we'll still be able to visit. Zed getting out of the Army is becoming more bittersweet. I really think I'm going to miss some of these girls here.

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