Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Productive Day

So far, today has been like any other Wednesday. Wendy had occupational therapy, however she was fussy today and wan't nada to do with it. So instead of working on completely oral, we worked on different ways to do tummy time and ways to get her arms in her mid-line. Wendy enjoyed the arms being brought to center.

After therapy, I went and got my nails done (which I do every two weeks, to get a mommy break). My nails are bright yellow! They make me happy and think of springtime and cute dresses.

I also reached my second goal of $300 for March of Dimes. Now I'm debating, should I raise my goal even higher? I have 25 days left before the walk. I think I could raise another $100.

Well, I better quit blogging and get to work on my lessons while my little hiccup is quiet!

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